Unger Microwipe

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Our Unger Microwipe is available in 24 x 32' Ideal for large surface areas, giving the Unger Microwipe the same results as chamois. Technical; Fibres Unger uses superfine Microfibre for the MicroWipe&trade. Diameter of one fibre: 6,5 m (È 100 microfibres are as thick as a human hair) The structure of the Unger Microwipe minute fibres gives extraordinary water absorption capacity and more than 6 times the fibres own weight and spread evenly throughout the cloth. Cleans without leaving behind streaks or annoying lint. Excellent pick up and holding of dirt within the fibre. High abrasive, non-scratch qualities. Can be used with chemicals, but these can be kept to a minimum or not used at all dependant on soilage. Cloth Unger recommends laundry of the cloth before first use, to wash out any specific dust remaining from the manufacturing process and gain the full cleaning capabilities of MicroWipe™. The MicroWipe™ is designed for washing at 100°C without a fabric softener. In interest of the environment, however, we recommend washing at 60°C. At a size of 24 X 32 Inch, the larger Micro Wipe™ is bigger than usual microfibre cloths. This enables the user to clean bigger surfaces and it fits better in the hand. The cloth has two different surfaces: the rough side is perfect for cleaning, the fine side is better for polishing. The cloth can be used dry for polishing, and damp (not wet!) for cleaning

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