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Steam Cleaners are one of the greenest forms of cleaning equipment that you can use. You can buy them with a chemical resevoir but in general Steam Cleaners operate very efficiently without one. This means that they are a 100% natural cleaner as they only use steam made from water. This helps you to save money on buying chemicals but still removes dirt grime and grease. Steam Cleaners kill a vast amount of common germs such as salmonella, e-coli and listera to name a few. Steam Cleaners can be used virtually anywhere and on any surface and are more versatile and clean better than a vacuum cleaner. You should not use a Steam Cleaner to clean carpets however, but they are effective at cleaning glass and leave it streak free and dry. It works by using heat to break down fibres in grease and grime making them easy to wipe away with a cloth or cleaning attachment. We have a range of Steam Cleaners from handheld sizes at under £100 and units more suited for industrial purposes that are just over £1500 so whatever your application, there is likely to be a Steam Cleaner that's for you.